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/!\This is a demo of a more ambitious game


The old cartographer went away without leaving any proper map of the world. What a shame! All that's left is you to do this job... Good luck!

With your quill and your parchment, you will have to explore a bushy and mysterious world, chat with people, draw a map. How exciting! 

Go visit the inn or the puppeteer's house! Help the troll with his quest and find the pass that will lead you to the city!



use arrow keys and spacebar to move and jump

use x to interact with people or objects

use I to open inventorty


use left joystick and a button to move and jump

use x button to interact with people or objects

use select button to open inventory


Game Design & Programming : Pino Paprika

Art & Animation : Léo Teiknar

Brazilian Portuguese version : Lucas Nunes - BrazLocT

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorsTohu Bohu, LaGerbe, Lo
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Exploration, Forest, map, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)


The Tale of the Cartographer.zip 46 MB
The Tale of the Cartographer (pt-br).zip 46 MB

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okay I loved this. I was SOOO sucked into the world, and was sad that it ended so fast. Amazing art style, kinda like hollow knight but with a more cartoonish bent. I am so curious what the gameplay could be like once the game opens up - platforming? Combat? Or just pure exploration and cartography? Either way, really hope you haven’t abandoned this!


very promising, I liked it a lot, but there are things that can be improved, you must have fixed it, but it is worth commenting if it is not the case, sometimes it is not possible to see below where we are going to fall, so you have to press the button to the camera goes down, this is an interesting feature but not for that, it's kind of counterintuitive to press every time I want to go down and I have to look at what's below, it would be better if the camera goes down alone, like for example in the hollow knight, when you arrive in the corner of a platform, and you need to jump or see what's below the camera goes down a little bit, it's hard to explain exactly because I'm translating this with google translator (I'm brazilian), if you play hollow knight pay attention to how the camera is behaves.

your game is very good I would like to follow the development, do you intend to do game devs on youtube?


Quite some time to spare, would you guys allow me to translate this game to pt-br?


Hi, of course you can translate the game, It'll make us very happy !

Great. I'll try to figure a way to get the files, but if I failed I'll probably bother you again (here)

Cheers mate, great work!


This is so charming and lovely, it was quite enjoyable to play! The art, story, and atmosphere was just stunning, and I'm just so curious to find out what happens next. I can't wait for the full game!


This is wonderful, both whimsical and eerie - really gives me Over the Garden Wall vibes, and I love the music and sound design - will definitely be excited to play the full version!


This is a really good game, I cannot wait to see the more ambitious version. Keep up the great work! :D


I saw it on itch’s youtube channel and can’t wait to see a bigger game come out of it <3


Nice Pixel art, great game! It is featured on my Week's Top 5!

Take a look!


Review: This game is so cute and beautiful. The characters, the music and the looks are all amazing. I wish the game to be more longer. anyways loved the game.



So, I normally don’t leave big reviews but I have to say this game is stunning. The story, the art, the voices, everything. You made something that genuinely intrigues me, and I cannot wait for more! Your work is something I’ll follow for a while, as you have a spectacular style and vision. Thank you for making this game.


Lovely game! Looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out. I really liked the art style. And I would like to ask if you would mind sharing your colour pallet with me?


Made a video


This was a short but very cool and polished demo! I really love the color palette and aesthetics going on here. I also love the style of the characters' voices--I'm assuming they must be edited gibberish(?) voice clips of some kind? The cartography is simple but fun, and I can see it scaling well to a larger experience!

I think my only feedback is that some key rebinding would be nice (not that I would expect this on an early demo!); it's a little awkward to have up arrow be look up and space be jump, and the I key isn't particularly convenient to press.

But other than that I'm really looking forward to finding out more about this little world and our pumpkin cartographer! I'll be keeping an eye on this one. :)

Thank you so much for your comment! For the voices, we recorded in different languages (French, Korean and Icelandic) and the characters speak syllables randomly!


wow I loved it! The game definitely feels professionally made and the game mechanics were simple to understand. I loved the artstyle, the music, and the little voices! They reminded me of the voices from Graveyard Keeper. Also, the little pumpkin character reminds me of the pumpkin head from Pajama Sam 3, haha! I'll be definitely following this game for a future release :)

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed our game!


Amazing pixelart and while it's a short experience I already have many questions and theories. I think there's something fishy in Veggieland. :)


Thanks a lot for the video! Glad you enjoyed trying to understand the lore of the game!


The breadcrumbs in this build make way for a lot of speculation, I like it. :)


Hello Team, well done i enjoyed the game. Very original graphics. I managed to meet all objectives of the demo and i found a few things you may want to improve:

1. When there are two characters around sometimes the X icon to start a conversation does not appear until a person moves slightly away or not at all. Example - when i see the little show with a flower then a puppeteer appears - i need to go away first before x appears to talk to him. Example 2 - in the Inn i did not see the X icon at all next to the client of the Inn but pressed it anyway and was able to talk to him too.

2. When next to the machine that opens the map-like door (after feeding the guardian with cheese) there is no icon to interact with the door-handle but it works.

3. Its not very comfortable to use "I" key when using english keyboard - would be nice if players could use a different one insteaded - maybe something next to "X" alike "S" "A" or "Y".

Thanks again and wish you good luck with release :)


Thank you very much for reporting some bugs and for your feedback!


I was really taken by surprise with this one! 

I can’t wait for the full release of what you’ve got planned! You’ve got the makings of something really special here! It’s like this demo came out of a well-established studio! 

Thank you for the video and your feedback, we appreciate it!


What a fantastic game!! Can't wait to see more of it WOAH!! The art style, the music, the promise of a much bigger world and story is,, is awesome!! I already can feel it becoming something great and big one day, good luck!!

Thank you! Glad you liked our game!


This is an adorable game! Gonna keep an eye on this one. My only request is please let players customize their controls/key bindings. Thank you very much!


Thanks! We didn't want to add it for such a small demo but in the final version, the option will be added!


So often nowadays I struggle to find games that don't make me feel like I'm wasting my time not working on Game Dev myself, but this was such a beautiful little experience and very on track for the kind of content I hope to one day be able to make myself. Thank you so much, I can not wait to play the full version and will gladly be sharing this around as much as I can <3

Thank you so much! Your comment is very heartwarming. If our game gave you this feeling, it's just wonderful. That is so kind of you to share our game! Thank you again!


Cute game! Excited to see where it goes!


Looks great!


Very cute and I can tell there's going to be really interesting gameplay mechanics and worldbuilding as it goes on

Thank you very much for this adorable comment!


This is super cute and I would love to play the full version! It feels like Hollow Knight + something along the lines of moon remix rpg. Are you intending to have combat in a full version, or is it more of a relaxed game?


Hi! Thank you! We're really happy you liked our game! Indeed Hollow Knight is a strong reference. We don't want to ad a combat system because we want the game to be more exploration-based as you said :)


Wouah ! Such a great work !


Great little adventure i'm excited for the full version 

Thank you so much!

We're glad you liked our game!