What a beautiful day to hang out the laundry! In this little game, you have to connect the apartments using clotheslines. But one apartment can correspond to another. You need to spot the inhabitants who have affinities!

This game was made during the GMTKjam 2021.


Game Design & Programming : Pino Paprika

Art & Animation : Leo Teiknar

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(185 total ratings)
AuthorsTohu Bohu, Lo, LaGerbe
Tags2D, Animals, Atmospheric, Cute, Feel Good, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Short


ClothesLines (win).zip 24 MB


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Would love more content, liked the game!


cute game, is there a way to use the mouse pad on a laptop or the arrow keys? 


The art is amazing and gives me chill vibes.Well done.You can make a level where you have certain amount of time to connect them so the tennants can run away from a fire or something.


short and sweet, very cute!!!


cute and short


Such a cute and calm game! I love the art :)


Gorgeous art for a short and sweet game 


Add mobile controls


really cute game with a simple yet relateable art style



Simple concept but absolutely love the idea! :)

short and super cute! I like it a lot!


Nice art but not much of a game.


super adorable, some of the similarities are obvious while others are more subtle! love it :)


So cuuuuute!


Thank you for this short game!

If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

Great game with interesting idea behind!!!


I could not understand what the "paired" rooms had in common.
Could not play.


Hi! You could identify the paired rooms based off:

-how both rooms are themed/decorated similarly (ex. both rooms have plants in them, or both rooms have art displayed)

-how the animals in both rooms are doing the same thing (ex. both animals are cooking, painting, etc.)

-how one room relates to what an animal in another room is doing (ex. one animal is reading, and one room is full of books)

Hope this helps!

really sweet!

Cute! <3

This is a super cute game, but I want to mention that I thought the penguin was holding pebbles because of what I know about penguins and how they pick their mates, so that match threw me for a loop, but still a lot of fun!


i wish there are levels

wow, i love the game concept!

it's short but it's really adorable!!! i love the art:)

Amazing short game. So cute!!


The game is pretty short and It's not a bad thing, but It would be more fun if there were more rooms and they would be in a random order. The artwork is adorable and charming, love it! The music is also very calming, would love to have more music if the game would be long. The game is really good at what it does, so I find it a success.


Your artwork is so beautiful! And combined with the ocean waves and the calm music, this is a very zen experience. Well done!

It was a cute game! :)

Super cute :3


This is such a cool game concept! I would love to play more of it


short and sweet


Pretty cool art but not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for, and scrolling is really slow for me, moves like 1 pixel per scroll


Was a bright, cute and wholesome game! Was expecting a long and more puzzle-like game, but was still really pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of it and the cute art! Liked the whole game; it was a short but really fun experience!


What a wholesome gaming experience, and p[aired nicely with a game about self-mutilation for survival. ;{)

OMG is that famous Youtuber Kieran *fangirl squealing noises* 

WOAH!!! The universally beloved Lainey!? It's an honour!


What if I don鈥檛 have a mouse?

swipe up/down with 2 fingers to scroll on a trackpad~


short and extremely charming game.....great work.


what a unique game!

but a lil bit confusing at first lol

adorable!!! :)


this is sooooo cute.

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